How we ensure our wise Waffle mix is gluten free

What is gluten?

Gluten is a family of protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten is what give baked goods its elasticity and chewy texture. Combined with expanding pockets of air and gluten’s matrix in a dough, when heated the dough expands being the air inside while the gluten stretches and holds its structure when fully cooked. Thats how breads gets its texture. However, some people have a condition where their body reacted with the gluten and cause inflammatory reaction. Read more to learn what is gluten could be doing to your body, how we test our product for gluten and why our gluten free waffle mix is a game changer, offering all the delightful textures without the gluten.

Celiac disease vs gluten intolerance

Not to dwell too deep in the science, but celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction caused by eating gluten. Autoimmune, as the name suggests, auto meaning self, suggests the immune system attacked the body and cause a damage to the intestinal lining. In the intestine, there are tiny finger-like projections, called villi, that allow the increase in surface area for the purpose of increased absorption of nutrients. The immune reaction caused by gluten causes these villi to flattened and can’t effectively absorb nutrient and leading to various other problems. The symptoms could vary greatly but often includes diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloating.

Some people could also experience “Non-celiac gluten sensitivity” when consuming gluten, despite not having celiac disease. The symptoms was reported to be relatively similar of that celiac disease. However, more study is needed regarding this phenomenon.

How we test our wise waffle mix for gluten?

We tested every batch using EZ Gluten® testing kit to test the presence of gluten. They claimed that their test is capable of measuring down to 10 ppm. So much is 10 ppm? Its like detecting 10 drops of sugar into about 13 gallons of water (50 liters)! With years of experience working in food and molecular laboratories, painstaking detail has been taken to ensure that the tests performed are accurate and the result is truly a gluten-free waffle mix.

For our gluten-sensitive friends, this means you can enjoy our Wise Waffle without worry. Whether you’re craving a sweet breakfast treat or a snack, rest assured that your treat is going to be gluten-free and delicious.


Experience the difference with Proven Provisions’ Wise Waffle mix. We believe it’s the best gluten free protein waffle out there, and we’re eager for you to taste and enjoy the benefits yourself. Reach out with your experiences and feedback—we’re all ears for your wise words on our Wise Waffles.

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